How Fluidlab was born

This is the story of how Fluidlab decided to take lubrication analysis to 2010. Mika Vesala, the founder, peered through a microscope for ten years and decided to become the best purity analyst in the field. He examined tens-of-thousands of oil samples from machines from a multitude of different process environments.

The samples told many tales. They exposed system design flaws, wrong choices in lubricants and gave advance warning of the potential to cause damage. Pre-eminent in impurities were corroded metal particles that are invisible to the naked eye and this is the world that Vesala entered. As the years went by, tribomonitoring and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy became the routine methods of today, and at the same time the potential for the electromicroscope in precise metal analysis was examined. Finally, satisfied customers wanted to have all of their basic lubrication analysis from one supplier.

Time for deliberation

Not one single oil laboratory had become self sufficient in Finland. Some had tried, but had finally given up, taking with them their expertise in analysis abroad to massive, automated laboratories. However, their analysis results were often inadequate for the demanding Fluidlab customers. We believed that by combining our expertise with traditional oil condition and performance analysis, we could create a superior product and service in comparison to other service providers.

However, the will to offer the industry modern analysis services was so great that we decided to harness all of our ability and passion to serving our customers. We decided to take lubrication analysis to the next decade. Fluidlab was established and in three years we have grown into the largest used lubricant laboratory in Finland.