Ten good reasons to choose Fluidlab

1. We check and verify results with diverse methods.

Example: We always verify the results of the particle counter with microscopic measuring, because the particle counter is sensitive to various false signals and fails to provide data on the quality of the particles. Can you name another oil laboratory that verifies each and every sample with a microscope? We can’t. Incorrect results may lead to erroneous, and extremely expensive, and needless actions.

2. The single most important analysis can be found in our report.

When experts in oil analysis have been asked which one analysis they would choose, the most popular analysis by far has been membrane filtration – microscoping. The reason is evident. The analysis in question provides data on all of the vital areas: oil condition, oil cleanliness and wear metals.

Example: This most important single analysis gives us information on the amount of impurities, their quality (metal, rust, sand, process impurities, polymers, fibres, oil sludge, so called ”dead” additives, soot, paint etc.), the total and proportional amount of wear metals, their size, shape, level of wear and its mechanisms.

As a result of these factors, our cleanliness results are significantly more accurate. In addition, with membrane filtering (which we offer our customers free of charge with the oil analysis kits) we can determine variations in the filtration of the oil, perceive unusual foaming or significantly weakened air separation and of vital importance: the resin potential in oil, in other words the oil’s ability to produce sludge, which is evident in the amount of undissolved submicronic impurities in the oil. These are not usually evident as oxidation with the FT-IR method.

3. We don’t just ”monitor or scan”- we measure.

Example: If you have observed water content in your reports <500 ppm or <1000 ppm, it means that the water content has been estimated (roughly) either on a hotplate ( the crackle test) or IR-spectra ( an inexact method, only over 1000 ppm content level).
Because water is one of the main impurities in oil we always measure its levels with the most exact laboratory methods possible i.e. Karl Fischer titrator, which will not be affected by the additives in oil.

4. We detect machine wear.

Example: In metal analysis an ICP – division into the basic elements is not sufficient to give a complete picture of the amount of wear in the system, simply because of the limitations of the method and measuring instruments. Utilizing the routine ICP-method it is only possible to analyse metal particles which are <1…5 µm in size. For example, in hydraulics, gears and circulation lubrication devices accelerated or severe wear and tear will produce wear metal particles larger then 10 µm and even over 100µm. If only the ICP method is used, then the accelerated wear might remain undetected. This is why tribomonitoring with a microscope provides us with the missing details when examining the level of wear and tear of a machine. – Is the corrosion normal, accelerated or has the equipment already suffered damage.

5. Our results are extraordinarily easy to utilize.

We provide our customers with results in a broad and visual form and even make use of microscope images. As a result, they “understand the picture” and are therefore able to react in the most effective possible manner.

Example: Our customer was concerned about the increasing amount of particles in their gears and assumed that some sort of damage was inevitable. The annual overhaul of the factory was still one month away. The customer contacted us, as the only method for visualizing the impurities was with microscope imagery. We demonstrated that the relatively harmless diverging of a polymer-like additive was in question, which meant that the customer could run their machines until the scheduled annual overhaul. An expensive downtime was not needed.

6. We provide quick analysis immediately.

We can give you a preliminary evaluation on the condition of oil, its cleanliness and wear level within an hour of receiving the sample.

Example: One of our customers brought a sample to the laboratory at midday. As it was lunchtime, we recommended trying out the restaurant downstairs, and before dessert we had a report ready, hot from the printer, which we interpreted for the customer over coffee and cake. On route to their office, the customer had already formulated a plan to solve the problem –with a full stomach.

7. We always provide personal and quick service.

Providing good service is a genuine and self evident matter for us. We strive to help our customers and affiliated groups with all the knowledge and experience we have. In the event that we are unable to help, we have an extensive network who can.

Example: Even now, every time the phone rings our adrenaline levels rise. We are constantly ready to rise to the challenge as, more often than not, our customers have a considerable problem to solve. This is a sign that we are serious about helping them and are in no way jaded with our work. We can offer our customers’ solutions for making considerable decisions; the shutting down of paper machines, a cruise ship being steered to the closest port for inspection when its maiden voyage is aborted and whether the turbine of a nuclear reactor will make it to the next annual overhaul. – We feel rewarded by being able to help.

8. Extremely competitive prices.

We just might be Finland’s most affordable oil laboratory. Even by international standards, our extensive analysis kits are very competitive – even in comparison with fully automated ”bulk laboratories”.

Example: We received a call from Italy for analysis services. When we finally began negotiating the price, the customer confirmed several times that they had understood correctly. The reason for their bewilderment was, that our offer had one zero less than that of the Italian laboratory. And the lira was not in question.

9. All your analysis needs "under one roof".

We can provide you with analyses of various liquids for different industries and any other analyses you need. If we are unable to help, we can find help for you through our extensive network.

Example: Our customer needed analysis services with equipment that was unavailable in Finland and through our extensive contacts we were able to provide the service.

10. We are flexible.

We are a private, independent and impartial Finnish company, whose speciality covers a narrow sector dealing with the lubricant analysis. We are also qualified to work as your international partner.

Cooperation with us is easy, quick and effortless. If your company is a global operator, then we can provide our services in Swedish, English and Russian. We have analyzed samples from China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and the USA. Our extensive list of references consists of companies who are leaders in their perspective fields and are honoured to work in partnership with the best. This is only possible with complete trust, so individual reference clients cannot be named unless we have their permission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any problems with lubricants or would like to develop an effective maintenance program for you company.